Rainbow Mug


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New rainbow mug by Isabel Souza is sure to add some extra magic to your morning coffee.

Isabel Souza is a ceramic artist born and raised in Truro, Massachusetts. In 2019, she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a BFA from Syracuse University where she studied art and business. During her undergraduate studies, she explored several mediums including ceramics, textile design, screen-printing and fashion photography. During a semester abroad in Florence, Italy, Isabel cultivated new ideas around craftsmanship, art and fashion that she would use to inform her own brand.

After graduating, Isabel moved back to Cape Cod to pursue her dream of establishing a ceramics business. During her first year of operations, she partnered with several local businesses to bring custom batches of ceramics to their shops. She is drawn to the aspects of community and gathering associated with functional pottery. The slow and mindful nature of this craft allows her audience to value these everyday objects. In a world that can seem all too fast at times, Isabel’s goal is to create meaningful works for you to appreciate in use.