Meet our Wish Fulfiller,
Penny Sampson

After many years of retail experience, my wish came true when my husband and I opened Wish Gift Co. in 2016.

As a child one of my favorite activities was to make wishes on dandelions. Our logo design was inspired by a dandelion and also resembles a firework, which is a symbol of celebration.

I scour the United States and personally select uncommon and unique handmade gifts from small, independent makers that celebrate occasions and make wishes come true!

A gift should always be meaningful. It should be instantly recognized for the “thank you” or “I love you” it was intended to be. It should be specifically created and packaged with the recipient in mind—thoughtful and original.

I love finding whimsical greeting cards, goods for good living, gourmet treats, natural bath and body products, handmade jewelry and other charming items for Wish Gift Co.

I can help you curate a custom gift box filled with the perfect gift items…all expertly arranged in a beautiful, slide top pine box.

Let me help you grant a wish for someone special at Wish Gift co.