Wish for Life Print


Frame not included.

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For those who want a full life – who want to stretch out beyond comfort, know both ends of the spectrum, and find quiet and peace within the storm. This piece was designed and watercolored multiple times, then scanned, cleaned, and printed onto high-quality luster photo paper.


Wish For Life is an original poem by shop co-owner Michael F. DuBois.

“Do not wish for happiness, wish for long adventures with many winding paths. Wish for love, even love which shatters your heart, and the patience to see that it can never fully break. Wish for storms – empty, aching winter storms seemingly without end, so that you may know on the first breaking day the true loving warmth of spring. Wish for rain, all of it the old skies have to offer and use it to grow when the sweet sun shines again. Wish for dawns – for dawns and dusks and long days in between spent beside people who fill you up – and some, perhaps, who remind you to fill yourself. Wish for crisp autumn endings and for summer breezes filled with pine air and hope. Do not wish for happiness – no. Not only, at least. Wish for much more. Wish for life.”

Frame not included.