Pocket Therapy


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Therapy-wherever and whenever you need it.

Pocket Therapy is a lovely, take-anywhere guide to practicing self-care and prioritizing your mental health.From licensed professional counselor Sana Isaac Powell, this deck includes 70 cards with thoughtful therapy practices that are widely applicable and easy to incorporate into everyday life.

Organized into five categories-Relationships, Mindset, Emotions, Mindfulness, and Self-Love-cards cover topics like setting boundaries around your time, rediscovering things that brought you joy in childhood, and curbing toxic positivity. Each card ends with a clear takeaway, such as a journal prompt, mindfulness exercise, or affirmation, and a booklet provides instructions for using the deck. This practical tool for personal growth can be used alone or alongside a therapy practice and isperfect for anyone who wants to cultivate more balance, self-love, and inner peace.

APPROACHABLE CONTENT: Pocket Therapy is a welcome self-help tool, whether or not you’re familiar with therapy. By addressing mental health in an accessible and unintimidating way, this deck offers a low-stakes entry point to the world of therapy. It’s also a helpful complement to an existing therapy practice.

TAKE IT ON THE GO: These simple, effective exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. Keep this pocket-sized deck in your car, on your bedside table, or in your bag for easy access whenever you need a moment to recenter yourself or a reminder of your worth.

AUTHORITATIVE AUTHOR: Sana Isaac Powell is a licensed professional counselor with multiple degrees and a deep knowledge of therapy and psychology frameworks, which inform her writing. In Pocket Therapy, she distills her valuable teachings into thoughtful, concise, and engaging prompts for a modern audience.

Perfect for: • Self-care and self-help enthusiasts
• People who go to therapy and want to enhance their practice
• Those who don’t go to therapy due to the time commitment, price tag, or stigma, but who still want to prioritize their mental health
• Fans of Alex Elle, Jay Shetty, Michelle Rial, Lisa Olivera, and Dr. Mariel Buque
• Readers of How We Heal, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone, or Notes from Your Therapist
• Followers of @sanapowell.lpc, @notesfromyourtherapist, or @millennial.therapist