Bright & Easy 3-Minute Flash Mask


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This gentle but mighty enzyme treatment boosts brightness in a flash. It’s a shortcut to soft, totally refreshed skin—minus the irritation of traditional peels.

Why It’s Special

Brightens & clarifies

AHAs & BHAs from Pineapple, Aspen Bark, and Hibiscus work to exfoliate, smooth, and brighten skin. It’s a blend of powerful ingredients that make quick work of renewing your skin.

Effective, not irritating

You don’t have to lose layers of skin to get effective exfoliation. This mask is gentle enough to use a few times a week, keeping skin feeling fresh (without any irritation).

Easy breezy

A light layer of this clear gel formula does the trick. You’ll feel it start to work after just a few minutes, and when it’s time to rinse off, it comes off clean—no goopy, sticky residue.

Works in a flash

Pineapple and Pomegranate enzymes get busy straight away, revealing soft, refreshed skin in just 3 minutes. Just put on your favorite song, and let this mask do its thing.